We have developed a range of tourism research services designed to meet your individual requirements. We conduct highly professional research, with strong interpretation of findings and recommendations for future marketing (overall and by key market segments), and with a focus based on expertise in these sectors: Tourism, Visitor Attractions, Hospitality, Entertainments, Restaurants, Sports, Community, Leisure, Retail and Events.

Examples of the types of research and insight we conduct are as follows:

. Profiling of Visitors, Guests
. Quantitative Surveys (online, face to face surveys, etc.)
. Qualitative Research (depth interviews,focus groups, etc.)
. Market Development Research (how to encourage visits)
. Events & Entertainments Research
. Community Research
. Destination Research
. Brand Image & Evaluations
. Concept Development
Market Segmentation
. Pricing Studies, Maximizing Spend
. Marketing & Communications Research (campaign development & evaluations)
. Staff Surveys
. Mystery Shopping