Hospitality Consultancy is the knowledge and understanding of each step of the process of successfully Opening and Operating of a Hotel, Resort, or any Lodging Establishment. We offer our clients - be they Hotel Owners, Hotel Operators, or Developers - “turnkey” solutions for their establishment period and far beyond.

Examples of our Hospitality Consultancy Services are:
  • Hotel Concept Planning & Development
    bulletcircleSite Investigations
    bulletcircleMaster Planning
    bulletcircleDesign Concepts
  • Project Management
  • Sourcing of Hotel Operator
  • Asset Management / Pre and Post Opening Owner Representation
  • Preparation of Pre-Opening Budgets
  • Sales & Marketing Plan
  • Hotel Advisory
  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Operational Audits and Evaluation
  • Training
    bulletcircleDeveloping programs
    bulletcircleDelivering Training in all Hotel Departments
  • Food & Beverage Consultancy
  • Food & Beverage Consultancy
  • Mystery Guest Service